Why is healthcare cheaper in India?

Healthcare in India is more affordable compared to developed countries like Japan, US, UK, Australia, and France. Several factors contribute to this affordability while maintaining world-class healthcare standards.

Lower Labour Costs

One of the primary reasons for the lower healthcare prices in developing countries is the lower cost of labour. In developed nations, labour costs account for a significant portion of hospital operating expenses. However, in developing countries like India, where labour costs are comparatively lower, healthcare services can be provided at a significantly reduced price.

Lower Real Estate Values and Construction Costs

Real estate is a major investment in the healthcare sector, and lower real estate values in developing countries help keep healthcare costs low. Additionally, the construction of medical facilities is more cost-effective in these countries, as construction costs, including labour expenses, are generally lower than in developed nations.

Lower Government Taxes

Government taxes impact the cost of goods and services, including healthcare. Developing countries often have lower tax rates, resulting in reduced healthcare expenses for patients.

Cheaper Medical Supplies, Equipment, and Medication

Developing countries benefit from cost-effective manufacturing of medical equipment and medicines, which helps lower treatment costs. The availability of medical supplies at lower prices also contributes to the overall reduction in healthcare expenses. Additionally, prescription drugs tend to be cheaper in developing countries, as governments offer subsidies on emergency and other medications, making treatments more affordable.

Price Discrimination

Price discrimination allows developing countries to offer healthcare at lower costs. International medical suppliers often charge higher prices for countries with higher income levels compared to those with lower income levels. This leads to the same generic products being sold at lower rates in developing countries, providing cost advantages to patients seeking treatment there.

Lower Administrative and Documentation Expenses

Developing countries benefit from the easy availability of resources at lower costs, which significantly reduces administrative expenses. This includes government requirements, documentation, affiliation costs, licensing fees, and administrative fees. The reduced administrative burden helps keep healthcare costs lower compared to developed countries.

Lower Cost of Legal Proceedings

Legal proceedings in developed countries related to healthcare cases can be expensive and time-consuming. However, in developing countries, the cost of seeking legal help for medical malpractice cases and treatment errors is comparatively lower. This contributes to overall cost savings in the healthcare sector.

In summary, the combination of lower labour costs, construction expenses, government taxes, medical supply costs, price discrimination, administrative expenses, and legal proceedings contributes to the affordability of healthcare in India and other developing countries.

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